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Step 2: Select indicators

Select indicators linked to objectives across domains

Use this worksheet to guide indicator selection. To begin, fill out the first column of the table with the main objective of the innovation and the sub‐objectives to be achieved per domain. Learn more about the five domains here

Next, identify the indicators and metrics that will appropriately measure the objectives and sub‐objectives listed. It is recommended that you choose at least two indicators from each domain to provide a more holistic view of how your innovations are affecting the farmer's system. You can signup for an account and bookmark indicators and metrics as you browse the five domains section. These will then be available for later use in the radar chart generator.

Finally, choose the data collection methods that will be appropriate to obtain the data needed to estimate these indicators. Although this is revisited in more detail in Step 4, consideration of data collection methods early in the process helps ensure that the assessment will be feasible given resource constraints.

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