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This domain pertains to the individual or household, including nutrition status, food security, and capacity to learn and adapt. These indicators affect an individual and do not require social interaction or interpersonal relationships. 



Nutrition plays an important role in sustainable agriculture as both an output and input.

Food security

Measuring food security has been a challenge but the concept has been defined as a state in which “all people at all times have the both the physical and economic access to sufficient food to meet dietary needs for a productive and healthy life” (USAID, 1992). 

Food safety

Food safety is a key issue that ensures quality and fitness for consumption of food. 

Human health

Human health may be at risk from agricultural activities due to interaction with animals or through vector-borne diseases that affect both animals and humans. Some interventions may directly or indirectly alter these vectors, such as an increase in malaria due to irrigation.

Capacity to experiment

Capacity to experiment is the ability of the household to test innovations or management practices that are new to them.