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This domain focuses on social interactions: equitable relationships across gender within the household, equitable relationships across social groups in a community or landscape, the level of collective action, and the ability to resolve conflicts related to agriculture and natural resource management.


Gender equity

Gender equity is a special type of equity that requires further attention due to the complexities of analyzing intra-household allocation, exchange, and procedures.

Equity (generally)

Equity is concerned with fairness or justice, which is a more complex concept than equality, due to various ways that justice is understood.

Social cohesion

Direct indicators of social cohesion are “membership rates of organizations and civic participation” and “levels of trust” (in other people). 

Collective action

Collective action is common in many areas for managing natural resources (e.g., irrigation, water, fisheries) and also can be found in arenas such as agriculture for marketing, processing, and procuring inputs.