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Percentage of Farmers Experimenting

This indicator is similar to the previous one and examines the number of farmers participating in a given technology of the total farmers exposed to it.

How to operationalize the metric

Method of data collection and data needed to compute the method:

This approach may be done by survey of representative sample of the farmers in the area. As in the indicator “Number of new practices being tested,” a similar data collection approach is taken to obtain information on the farmers who may be experimenting with a given technology. Questions such as the following can be asked: On your farm, do you irrigate crops during the season? If so, what type of irrigation technique do you use? Such questions, for example, may be used to identify which households are using irrigation technology that is new in that area. Other questions would need to be developed for other technologies.

Unit of analysis:

The unit of analysis is the percentage of household experimenting with a technology. A summation of the number of the households that indicated using a technology it obtained and divided by the total number of households in the area.

Limitations regarding estimating and interpreting:

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