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Livestock Ownership By Gender

Livestock ownership can either be separated by type of livestock (e.g, cattle, small ruminants, poultry) or combined using Tropical Livestock Units (Jahnke, 1982). In many agricultural surveys, the respondents are asked the number of all types of livestock. This could easily be followed up by a question, “Who is the owner of these livestock?” for each type of stock. Asking about the monetary value for each type of livestock if it were sold could also allow for combining livestock across categories.

How to operationalize the metric

Method of data collection and data needed to compute the method:

Relevant questions from Tanzania National Panel Survey (World Bank, 2017):

28. Who in your household decided what to do with these earnings?

29. In principal, who is responsible for keeping [ANIMAL]? (Indicate up to 2 people)

30. Who in your household provided labor for feeding/watering of [ANIMAL]?

31. Who in your household provided labor for selling the animals and animal products?

32. Who in your household mainly provided labor for grazing of [ANIMAL]?

Unit of analysis:

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Limitations regarding estimating and interpreting:

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