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Market Participation by Gender

Within a household, this could be a comparison of who markets which products. At the landscape scale, the incidence of men and women participating in the market could be compared.

How to operationalize the metric

Method of data collection and data needed to compute the method:

The “gender in value chains toolkit” developed by Agri-ProFocus includes instructions and examples of questions for FGDs and mapping exercises to analyze the role of women in particular value chains and how to “make visible” their contributions, even in value chains thought to be dominated by men.

Tool 3.2a, “Making a Gender-Sensitive Value Chain Map,” has the following steps:

  • Formulate hypotheses about women’s roles and possible entry points for greater participation in the value chain.
  • Actor mapping – make a visual presentation of the actors along the value chain by gender.
  • Make invisible women stakeholders visible – think through the roles women play in each step, even if indirectly.
  • Activity mapping – distinguish gendered roles for each activity along the value chain.
  • Specific gender mapping – document how many actors and jobs (disaggregated by gender) are involved in each stream of the value chain (e.g., informal sector vs. industrial sector for milk production).

Unit of analysis:

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Limitations regarding estimating and interpreting:

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